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First Look: E.X. Troopers

2012-05-17 - Anime-styled Lost Planet on PS3 and 3DS.  Read More »

Monolith Software Confirmed as Project X Zone's Developer

2012-05-16 - Plus, gameplay details from the game's trio of producers.  Read More »

Baba Talks Next Tales With Famitsu

2012-05-16 - Producer comments on next mothership title and Tales Studio closure.  Read More »

Cave Cans PlayStation Vita Titles

2012-05-16 - Shirotsuku and mystery shooter go missing from Famitsu's release schedule.  Read More »

Chun-Li and Morrigan Join the Cast of Project X Zone

2012-05-16 - New characters from Sakura Wars, Mugen Frontier, and Dynamite Deka too!  Read More »

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