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Bakudan Handan Screenshots

2012-06-02 - Keiji Inafune features in Idea Factory's latest love adventure game.  Read More »

Toshihiro Nagoshi is Heading to E3

2012-06-02 - Japan's darkest game creator will take the late night flight out of Haneda.  Read More »

0 Days Until Next Tales Of

2012-06-02 - Tune in live for the new Tales announcement later tonight!  Read More »

Persona 4 Arena Hori Stick Pics

2012-06-02 - PS3 fighters can replicate the arcade experience with this joystick.  Read More »

Kojima Productions Opens E3 Special Site

2012-06-01 - Rising and ZOE playable at next week's event.  Read More »

K-On After School Live!! HD Version Trailers

2012-06-01 - Three (well... 2.5) trailers for the latest PS3 PSP Remaster game.  Read More »

Imageepoch Looking Into Tokitowa International Release

2012-06-01 - CEO makes a rare English Tweet regarding English plans for PS3 RPG.  Read More »

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