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Gundam Battle Operation's Pricing Detailed

2012-06-15 - Find out how you'll pay for the free-to-play Gundam game.  Read More »

No Microsoft at Tokyo Game Show 2012

2012-06-14 - Company not planning on attending this year's event and will also skip Gamescom.  Read More »

Culdcept 3DS Screenshots

2012-06-14 - The next installment in the classic card-based strategy series sees release through Nintendo later this month.  Read More »

First Look: Qute's Xbox 360 Shooter Ginga Force

2012-06-14 - One more package shooter exclusive for Xbox 360 owners.  Read More »

Dokuro 2nd Trailer

2012-06-14 - A new look at Gamearts' second PlayStation Vita title.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Free "Kids Time" Schedule Announced

2012-06-14 - Find out when you can log in and play without monthly service fees.  Read More »

Dragon Quest X Battle Details and Screens

2012-06-14 - Speed and weight play a central role in the online DQ.  Read More »

Iwata Asks About Pokemon Black & White 2

2012-06-14 - Find out why Black & White 2 is not Gray, and why it's not on 3DS.  Read More »

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