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Dragon Quest X: How to Spot a Real Player

2012-07-12 - White, pink and blue names indicate who's real and who's CPU. Plus, a look at some handy facilities around town.  Read More »

Falcom Reportedly Planning Legend of Heroes For 3DS

2012-07-12 - Financial report says to expect multiplatform expansion for PSP RPG series starting next term.  Read More »

Yoji Shinkawa's Metal Gear Solid Famitsu Cover

2012-07-12 - Metal Gear artist creates a special cover for anniversary feature. Plus, some hints at a Metal Gear release this year.  Read More »

PlayStation Vita Street Fighter x Tekken Dated

2012-07-12 - Details on what's new for the Vita, a new trailer, and three ways to buy the portable crossover fight.  Read More »

Nippon Ichi Formally Announces New Projects

2012-07-11 - Project D, Project Arcadia and Kamipara are more official, but no less mysterious.  Read More »

Miss Yakuza 5 Girls Crowned

2012-07-11 - Meet the girls who will appear in the next Yakuza game.  Read More »

Kuroko's Basketball Miracle Game Commercial

2012-07-11 - Namco Bandai readying PSP game adaptation of basketball manga and anime.  Read More »

Project Sora is No More

2012-07-11 - Kid Icarus Uprising studio dissolved as of June 30.  Read More »

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