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Dragon Quest X Screenshots

2012-08-02 - A look at the key emblem system and a couple of story download quests.  Read More »

Special Reporting Division Screenshots

2012-08-02 - A look at two of the incidents you'll cover in Nippon Ichi's original PlayStation Vita adventure game.  Read More »

First Look: Gamearts' Picotto Knights for PlayStation Vita

2012-08-01 - Four players can team up for online hack-and-slash action in free-to-play title.  Read More »

Hideki Kamiya Wants to Make Viewtiful Joe Sequel

2012-08-01 - Director claims he talks about Bayonetta sequel or spinoff while drinking beer.  Read More »

Gamearts' Next PlayStation Vita Title is Free To Play

2012-08-01 - Picot Knight features four player online play and over 400 characters.  Read More »

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