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Toki and Towa in Bikinis On Your Wall

2012-09-07 - Both heroines from Tokitowa will survive if you get the Enterbrain limited edition.  Read More »

Bravely Default: Rebuild Your Town Through Street Pass

2012-09-07 - Plus, bring the demo to TGS to Street Pass with the developers.  Read More »

Monster Hunter 4 Screenshots

2012-09-06 - Screens of all the weapons, and some new environments too!  Read More »

Project X Zone Screenshots

2012-09-06 - Screens that you've mostly seen before, but you're going to see them again and you're not going to complain!  Read More »

Yakuza 5 Collaborative Ramen Screenshots

2012-09-06 - Kiryu and Haruka pimp their favorite ramen shops.  Read More »

Mysterious Ace Attorney 5 Gameplay System

2012-09-06 - New screens show an all new gameplay system for the 3DS sequel.  Read More »

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