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Rockman 20th Anniversary Event Being Held

Let's go to Ikebukuro on 11/18!


It's Rockman's 20th anniversary, and Capcom is intent on celebrating. On 11/18, the company will hold the Rockman 20th Anniversary Event at Sunshine City's Bunkakan in Ikebukuro, just to the north of Tokyo's Shinjuku district.

Attendees will be able to sample Ryusei no Rockman 2: Berserk X Shinobi for the DS, take a trip through the history of Rockman, view illustrations from the series, and take some commemorative pictures. Capcom will also have a variety of Rockman goods on sale, including T-shirts, wind breakers and mugs.

The original Rockman first hit the Famicom on 12/17/1987 and has since spawned three billion sequels and variations.

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