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Star Ocean First Eternal Edition Detailed

Shiny silver pouch thrown in for good measure.


Square Enix has given out first details on the PSP hardware bundle that's scheduled to be released along side Star Ocean First Departure later this year.

The so-called Star Ocean First Departure Eternal Edition will include a Felicia Blue PSP decked out in Star Ocean logos. And if that's not enough to show your love of tri-Ace's space opera, you'll be able to carry the system around in the included shiny metallic blue carrying case, which also sports the game's logo.

On the software side of things, the two versions of the game will be identical, save for one area: box art. Eternal Edition's UMD case features anime-style character artwork, which is reportedly based on the artwork from the Super Famcicom original.

Eternal Edition will retail for 24,840 yen, making the same price as when buying the PSP-2000 and game on their own.

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