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No More Heroes Meets Genki Rockets

Tetsuya Mizuguchi produced band to feature in Suda 51's latest


Marvelous Entertainment announced today that Grasshopper Interactive's upcoming Wii action title, No More Heroes, will have the sound support of a gaming legend. Heavenly Star, the most famous song from the Tetsuya Mizuguchi produced virtual group Genki Rockets, will be included in the game.

The song will feature in the story as a supposed major hit in the town of Santa Destroy, the setting of the game. Apparently, you'll be able to hear the song wherever you go.

But you'll do more than just listen to the smooth techno beats of the group's debut song. The game will include the song's video as well. When in main character Travis's room, by selecting 'video,' you'll get to view the music video.

Dengeki Online was able to quiz Mizuguchi on how this surprise collaboration came about. Apparently, things got started back at E3 2006 as Mizuguchi and No More Heroes producer Suda 51 ate ramen one night. Mizuguchi showed the music video for Heavenly Star to Suda 51, who fell in love with it.

Mizuguchi admitted that he has yet to see No More Heroes for himself and is not really clear on what type of game it will turn out to be. He closed off with a message directly at Suda 51: "If we're able to do something together again, let's do it."

Killer Space Channel Heroes anyone?

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