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Tuesday VC lineup announced

Blazing Lasers and two others hit the download service tomorrow


It's Monday afternoon, and that means a new batch of Virtual Console games are set to be released tomorrow. While Nintendo disclosed the service's June lineup earlier in the month, as usual, it's waitied until the day before to let us know what will make it out on the following Tuesday.

Tomorrow, the service will take delivery of the following titles:

[a href=http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/vc/vc_nkd/index.html]Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club[/a]: Set for release through Arc System Works, this 500 Wii Point Famicom release will feature one to four player support. The original Famicom version was released as an arcade to home port on July 26, 2988.

[a href=http://vc-pce.com/jpn/j/title/blazinglazers.html]Blazing Lasers[/a]: This 600 Wii Point PC Engine title is being released through Hudson. Considered a classic in the overhead 2D shooter genre, the original was released back in 1989.

Ryuko no Ken: D4 Enterprise will be charging 900 yen for this classic Neo Geo fighter, which is known as Art of Fighting 2 in western markets.

With this third June update, all that remains in terms of promised VC software for the month are Paranoia (PC Engine), Ninja Commando (Neo Geo), and Phantasy Star End of the Millennium (Mega Drive). Oh, and Super Mario RPG. All these are still without a final date, but seeing as how there's just one Tuesday left in the month, next week could offer an odd mix of action and RPG and plumber.

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