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Thunder Force VI set for PlayStation 2

Classic shooter returns from Sega


Coinciding with some exclusive coverage in its print magazine this week, Famitsu.com posted details today on Thunder Force VI, which is on the way to the PlayStation 2 through Sega.

This all new entry in the classic shooting franchise will stick with the mix of 3D visuals and 2D controls that TFV offered back in the 32-bit days. Players take control of a ship called Phoenix and make use of five weapons as they work through six stages of play.

Thunder Force is widely regarded as one of the classic franchises in the 2D shooting genre. The title has appeared on such systems as the PC, Mega Drive, and Sega Saturn. This new version marks its return after a decade hiatus.

Directed by Tetsu Okano (aka Zorger Tetsu), Thunder Force VI will see release on October 30 at 5,800 yen.

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