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Omega Force unveils mystery DS title

New adventure game set in the Battle of Sekigahara


The mystery title that was teased at last week in mystery teaser site at Koei's website has at long last been fully unveiled. Titled Saihai no Yukue, the new game is, as the teaser site promised, being developed by Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force for the DS.

Yep, it's an Omega Force game, all right!

Offering a mix of story and strategy, Saihai no Yukue is set around the Sengoku Era's Battle of Sekigahara. Players take control of a general named Mitsunari Ishida and advance through a story that brings them in contact with a variety of other generals and people, some real and some fake.

Generals, real and fake, will appear throughout the game.

Saihai no Yukue will see release this Fall.

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