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Sony announces July download content for Mainichi Issyo

Rail car set and summer avatar items included


Sony announced today details on the July update for Mainichi Issyo. This update adds a few handy new features as well as forty-one new items.

First up are some updates to past features. It's now possible to buy and send an item ticket to a friend who can convert this ticket into a t-shirt that's made using the game's shirt creation feature. This is useful for those who see a t-shirt they like but are unable to replicate it on their own.

Shutter bugs also have a new tool to play with. The game now includes the option of setting up pre-set angles for your camera. This will be useful for those who found getting the perfect angle to be difficult.

This month's item updates have a heavy summer slant, with an aloha shirt, surf board, and other summer-themed avatar items waiting to be purchased.

Also available is an item that can be used any time of the year: a track kit. You can set up a rail car to follow a track and go through tunnels and traffic signals.

The July update will be available tomorrow.

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