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Chocobo hits Game Archives

More Square Enix support in latest update.


Following their declaration of support late last month, Square Enix and its Taito subsidiary have stepped up as major supporters for Sony's Game Archives classics download service. The service's late July update includes three titles from the two publishers.

From the Square Enix side comes two Chocobo games, Chocobo Stallion and Dice de Chocobo. Taito is delivering Arkanoid Returns.

Other titles for this latest update include Grill Logic from SE Mobile and Online, and Yamasa Digi Selection from Yamasa Entertainment.

All titles are available today for both PS3 and PSP at 600 yen.

With today's update, Square Enix's support for the service includes eight titles. In addition to the two Chocobo games, PSN users have access to Xenogears, Einhander, Astronoka, Rakugaki Showtime, Ehrgeiz, and Brave Fencer Musashiden.

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