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Ninja Gaiden 2 download content temporarily pulled

Mission Mode goes missing in action three days after release


Three days following its Friday release, Tecmo today temporarily pulled the Ninja Gaiden 2 Mission Mode download pack from Xbox Live Marketplace. The company did not provide a clear reason for the move.

The Mission Mode download provides Ninja Gaiden 2 players with two combat focused modes of play: a survival mode, where you face off against incoming enemies until you run out of life, and a Karma Attack mode, where you attempt to get the highest karma (score). The pack was originally available for 800 Microsoft Points.

Tecmo did not issue a warning about the pack to current users, so those who already made the download can presumably continue playing.

The Mission Mode. Unless you already downloaded it, this is all you'll get to see of it for now.

A new release date for the pack is currently TBA, but Tecmo is expected to make a new announcement in the coming days.

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