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Resident Evil Degeneration arriving first in Japan

Two week early airing planned for October.


The announcement of Resident Evil Degeneration may have taken place at the recent Comic Con event in America, but the actual movie is going to debut first in Japan. Capcom and Sony Pictures announced today an early Japanese release for the CG flick, which is being titled Biohazard Degeneration here.

The film will run for two weeks starting October 18 at the Shinjuku Picadilly in Tokyo, the Umeda Brook 7 in Osaka, and the Midland Square Cinema in Aichi. Tickets will go for the standard 1,800 yen door price and 1,500 yen pre-sale price.

Those who purchase an advanced ticket will get a strap designed in the image of the Ink Ribbon item from the game series.

The new Resident Evil movie is a bit different from those that came before it.

As revealed during a panel discussion at the San Diego comic event, Degeneration has been made as a proper sequel in the series and will feature primary characters Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in lead roles. The movie is directed by Makoto Kamiya and features a screenplay from Shotaro Suga.

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