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Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Parasite Eve sequel set for PSP

Two once mobile exclusives are coming to Sony's portable

Outside the DKΣ3713 event in Harajuku. Square Enix wasted little time with the news updates from the event.

Square Enix had some big news for PSP owners today right out of the gate as the DKΣ3713 private event kicked off in Harajuku. The company announced that two games, previously cell phone only, will be coming to Sony's portable.

Most significantly, PSP will be getting Final Fantasy Agito XIII, one of the three known games in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. The title was originally announced at the time of FFXIII series unveiling as being in development for cell phones. Square Enix did not make any announcement at the event about the state of the game on its original target platform.

At the event, Square Enix showed a new trailer for Agito detailing a background story involving a city in ruins and a group of students from a magic school. The trailer also had gameplay footage, although it's unclear if this was from the PSP version of the game or the cell phone version.

The other cell phone game that's now on the way to the PSP is The 3rd Birthday, the third entry in the Parasite Eve series. This title debuted as a mobile-only game in a closed theater presentation at last year's Square Enix Party event where it was announced as being in development for NTT DoCoMo phones. As with Agito, the status of the mobile version was not touched upon during today's event.

A trailer for The 3rd Birthday shown at DKΣ3713 showcased main character Aya Brea in full wedding bride attire apparently getting ready to take part in a gun fight. The trailer made mention of Twisted, the name given to an enemy, and Overdrive, a special power that to which Aya has access.

Releases for both new PSP titles were listed as TBA.

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