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Square Enix Pure Dreams titles detailed

Find out what the Snoopy and Pingu DS games are all about


Square Enix announced its new character-driven Pure Dreams brand last week along with the first two titles in the series: Snoopy DS and Pingu's Wonderful Carnival. While the company didn't provide details then, Famitsu.com thankfully did just that today.

This shot of Joe Cool is old. See the Famitsu.com article for the latest pics.

First up, Snoopy DS, fully titled (in official Square Enix sanctioned English) "Snoopy DS: Let's Meet Snoopy and Friends." According to Famitsu.com, the titles offers players a chance to communicate with the Peanuts gang, playing mini games and experiencing episodes that follow the original comic.

You don't actually play as one of the Peanuts characters. Instead, you make use of your very own "My Character," setting clothing, hair, and gender as you like. See the images at [a href=http://www.famitsu.com/game/coming/1216964_1407.html]Famitsu.com[/a] to judge for yourself how closely the original characters resemble the source material.

Actual gameplay in Snoopy DS appears to revolve around communicating with Peanuts characters. As you engage in dialogue, the Peanuts friends will respond in various ways, resulting in new events and mini games. The [a href=http://www.famitsu.com/game/coming/1216964_1407.html]Famitsu.com story[/a] as a look at a number of sample mini games.

The Snoopy DS counterpart, Pingu's Wonderful Carnival, is an adventure game based on the Pingu clay animation series. This title begins with Pingu having a dream one night about a carnival where he and his South Pole friends dance and play. Upon waking up, he discusses this dream with papa, mama, and little sister Pinga who all share in his excitement and begin working to build up Pingu's dream carnival.

Unlike Snoopy, where you play as an original character, this game lets you play as one of Pingu, Pinga, papa or mama. After selecting your character, you head off to the South Pole and help people work through their problems, eventually opening up your carnival.

Pingu promises a few communication features that can be shared between family and friends. By touching the white board in the Pingu family home, you can leave a message for later players. You can also touch a radio in the Pingu home to leave voice messages.

Pingu will be released on November 6, following Snoop's DS's October 9 release.

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