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NTTBP expands Nintendo Spot Service

More internet programming for your DS while riding the train


NTT Broadband Platform started an expanded version of the Nintendo Spot trial service today, adding new downloadable content for DS owners, including news, rankings and quiz shows.

The Nintendo Spot program kicked off back in late May with test runs in McDonalds restaurants and in Tsukuba Express train stations and trains. The service offers access to download content for users who first download a special browser. Content includes downloadable demos and news and product updates.

In the case of the Tsukuba Express version of the program, Nintendo Spot gives DS owners access to NTTBP's Wi-Fine wireless internet service, which provides users with news and other internet content. Today's expansion involves added content for this particular area of the program. Compared to the basic weather, news, and train guide services of the initial program, DS users will now have access to popular television programs, including Ni-tele News 24 from Nihon Television, and R25's Rank-in Review.

The specifics for using the Nintendo Spot service haven't changed. The service is accessible from all 20 stations on the Tsukuba Express line going from Akihabara to Tsukuba. It can also be used from within trains.

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