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Capcom bundles fighters on PS2

SFII meets Darkstalkers meets SNK VS Capcom meets SFIII


Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition meets Vampire Darkstalkers Collection! Capcom VS SNK 2 Million fighting 2001 meets Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Fight for the Future! Fan fiction gone too far?

Actually, these are the pairings Capcom has chosen for a couple of PlayStation 2 fighter Value Packs. The four fighters, all of which previously appeared as solo PS2 releases, will be paired up in two packs to be released on September 18 at 3,140 yen each (tax-inclusive).

New packaging for those who chose to re-purchase these fighting classics.

There's quite a bit of fighting content in there, especially in the first pack, as Darkstalkers Collection itself is a combo pack of five Darkstalkers series fighters.

While the actual game content of the bundles appears to be unchanged from the original releases, Capcom is giving fans an incentive to double dip. Outside of new packaging, Capcom is throwing in an early buyer bonus DVD. Titled Street Fighter II & Vampire Arcade Ending Gallery, this item features endings from the Street Fighter II and Darkstalkers arcade titles. Both value packs will offer the same bonus item.

The bonus DVD, included while supplies last.

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