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Solid Snake lends voice to Maplus P2

Voice actor Akio Otsuka navigates users of PSP GPS software.


Solid Snake's next mission could be his toughest yet. Now apparently retired from his sneaking duties, the Metal Gear Solid hero has to navigate the directionless via Edia's Maplus Portable 2 navigation software.

Edia has made new voice navigation data available for the GPS-ready PSP mapping guide. Performing the navigation duties this time around is Akio Otsuka, voice actor for the Japanese version of Solid Snake.

This is just the latest in a series of voice expansion packs for the software. Previous updates have included Norio Wakamoto and Toru Furuya, both also with impressive game voiceover resumes.

The data changes the voiceovers users hear when receiving voice-based navigation for the software's map data. Edia suggests that users can change the navigation voice to suit their mood.

Maplus doesn't appear to have Konami licensing, so it's unlikely that Otsuka is officially doing his Solid Snake voice for the software. However he's definitely doing a voice of some form. Those wanting to get a sample should check out the MAPLUS official site. Otsuka's single sample is on the bottom right (he's saying something to the effect of "Turn right! Don't think about anything but that.")

Those who like being yelled at while lost can download the Otsuka map data directly from the Edia site for 880 yen.

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