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Enterbrain's latest game maker tool to be 360-compatible

Target 360 platform with Action Game Maker


At Microsoft's Gamefest Japan 2008 developers event, being held in Tokyo today and tomorrow, Enterbrain announced the latest PC entry in the "Tsukuru" ("Game Maker") series of titles. The big feature of the new title, Action Game Tsukuru (Action Game Maker), as it's known, is that it can be used to create Xbox 360-compatible games.

Known primarily for its RPG Maker branch, the Tsukuru series offers game designers a chance to make games even if they don't have any programming knowledge. Enterbrain packs the toolkits with sample data and even includes a creation wizard so that beginners can start making games without too many hurdles.

As the title suggests, the theme for this latest entry in the series is action. Enterbrain notes that it's possible to make all sorts of action games with the software, including platformers, action-adventures, shooters, fighters, and puzzle games.

The Xbox 360 support is a new feature for the series. In addition to outputting to the Windows format, users can chose to output to the XNA Game Studio development environment, allowing their game to run on any XNA Game Studio-compatible system, including, of course, the Xbox 360.

With this support, games developed through the Enterbrain software can be sold as part of the Xbox Live Community Game initiative, which kicks off in Japan in the first half of 2009.

In order to take advantage of the Xbox 360 support, users will of course have to be members of Microsoft's XNA Creator's Club.

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