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Afrika debuts at two in Media Create charts

Rhythm Tengoku reclaims the number one spot


Not even an entire continent could beat out Nintendo's hot rhythm game. Media Create's charts covering August 25 to August 31 made it out today, and Rhythm Tengoku was at the top.

The rhythm title, released on July 31, sold an additional 75,824 units over the period, taking it above the 600,000 mark, and giving it a comfortable gap over second place, Sony's Afrika. The casual PS3 title, released over the period, sold 38,423 units, barely beating out last week's number one, Winning Eleven 2008 Cub Championship for the PS2, which sold 37,927 units in its second week of sales.

Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper, Capcom's PSP fighting sequel, managed 34,190 units in its debut week, topping Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii, 31,134), Inazuma Eleven (Level-5, DS, 29,245), Battlefield Bad Company (Electronic Arts, PS3, 25,603), Dragon Quest V (Square Enix, DS, 23,389), Phantasy Star Portable (Sega, PSP, 23,106), and Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii, 22,621). Of these, Battlefield was new for the PS3 (the Xbox 360 version came out back in June).

Debuting outside of the top ten this week were Evangelion Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku DS with Asuka Hokan Keikaku (Broccoli, DS, 15), Too Human (Microsoft, Xbox 360, 17), To Loveru Trouble (Marvelous Entertainment, DS, 19), Clannad (Prototype, Xbox 360, 25), Katei Kyoshi Hitman Reborn!! Nerae!? Ring X Bongore Trainers(Marvelous Entertainment, PS2, 26), Captain Rainbow (Nintendo, Wii, 33), Hanshin Tigers DS (Spike, DS 39), and San-X Character Channel All Stars Gather (MTO, DS, 50). The PSP the Best budget version of Yuusha no Kuseni Namaikida debuted at 42 -- a rare placement for a budget game in the top 50.

DS Lite once again topped the hardware scene, with 56,439 units sold this week. The PSP managed 41,664 units for second, with the Wii down to 35,755 units. The rest of the pack had PS3 in top with 9,775 units, ahead of the PS2's 8,810 units and the Xbox 360's 3,124 units.

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