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Sony gives PSP mini firmware update

5.01 bug fix now available


If you love the feeling of your game system being updated with fresh new firmware, you'll want to power up your PSP now. About a week after the release of the system's large-scale 5.00 update, Sony made available today version 5.01.

As indicated by the small jump in number, this is just a bug fix update. According to Sony, under the 5.00 firmware, the system suffered from a bug where users would get an insufficient memory message when trying to download content from the PlayStation Store to an 8 gigabyte or 16 gigabyte Memory Stick. This problem only appeared when directly accessing the store through the PSP, which was one of the major features of the update.

PSP owners can make the download through the standard channels. If you don't know what those are, see Sony's update page at the official PlayStation website.

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