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Wii Music, PSP top Media Create charts

PS3, Wii continue to fall as new models approach.


The PSP was the big success story in the latest Media Create charts. The PSP-3000 release pushed the system to sales of over five times its nearest competitor. Meanwhile, the software charts were topped by Nintendo's latest heavily marketed casual game, Wii Music.

Matching closely with Enterbrain numbers issued earlier in the week, Media Create puts the PSP at 159,816 units for the week covering October 13 to October 19. Media Create breaks down the numbers as being 146,000 units for the new 3000 model, released on the 16th.

Compared to the PSP-2000 launch, this appears to be somewhat of a slowdown. First week sales for the 2000 were 266,000 units, rising up to 343,000 units if the Crisis Core bundle, released the week before, is included.

Media Create also points to somewhat of an anomaly with the PSP-3000 release. PSP software sales actually went down for the week. Last week, fueled by the release of Macross Ace Frontier, the system sold a total of 137,000 games. This week, just 120,000.

Still, the PSP sold more than twice as many units as all other hardware combined. DS Lite came in at second with 29,839 units. Wii was below that at 26,024 units. Xbox 360 topped the lower three once again at 7,859 units, beating the PS2's 7,261 and the PS3's 4,725.

The low PS3 and DS Lite numbers could be explained by upcoming hardware revisions. The PS3 will see an 80 gigabyte model released next week, bundling in a copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue while maintaining the current 40 gigabyte price point. The DS will see its DSi third generation hardware on the 1st.

In software, Wii was at the top of the pack with Nintendo's Wii Music. The heavily advertised music title debuted at 91,638 units. While this may not seem like a particularly big number, as always with Nintendo's casual software, attention should be paid to how well the game performs over time.

PSP did get a game in the top three. Sony's Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaikida or2 debuted at third with 58,806 units, under Pokemon Platinum's (Pokemon, DS) 72,470 units. Regarding the PSP title, Sony released a download version through the PlayStation Store, discounted by 1,000 yen over the retail version. Sony plans on having, in general, all future first party games released in this fashion. Sadly, it seems that Media Create's numbers do not account for the download versions.

Below the Yuusha no Kuse ni sequel, Rhythm Heaven (Nintendo, DS) took fourth place with 51,504 units, good enough to take it over the million mark in total sales. Culdecept DS (Sega, DS) debuted htis week with 50,374 units. Gundam OO Gundam Meisters (Bandai Namco, PS2) debuted with 43,175 units.

Everything else in the top 10 was old. Dynasty Warriors 6 Special (Koei, PS2) took 7th place with 27,170 units, and was followed by Macross Ace Frontier (Bandai Namco, PSP) with 25,764 units, Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) with 18,305 units, and Super Robot Taisen Z (Bandai Namco, PS2) at 12,629. Macross was last week's number one game.

A few games debuted outside the top 10. Daikeijyu Battle Ultra Colosseum (Bandai Namco, Wii) took 11th in its first week. Sky Crawlers Innocent Tears (Bandai Namco, Wii) debuted at 21, despite strong hype due to its having been developed by the Ace Combat team. Closing out the top 50, Yattaman DS 2 (Takara Tomy, DS) debuted at 33.

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