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Nippon Ichi signs on for Wii and WiiWare

Disgaea maker going Nintendo.


Nippon Ichi has finalized plans to release games for Wii and WiiWare. The firm announced today that it signed a contract with Nintendo on the 4th to develop, manufacturer, and sell games domestically for the Wii and its download platform.

Previously, Nippon Ichi has provided some strong hints at Wii development. This past July, CEO Koichi Kitazumi told the Kabushiki Shimbun newspaper, "We'll be looking into signing on with the Wii in the future. By signing on, we hope to attract new audiences." More recently a mysterious WiiWare title named "Let's Hitchhike" was mentioned at a Nintendo press briefing, with Nippon Ichi listed as publisher.

A statement posted at the Nippon Ichi official site did not make specific mention of possible titles, but did promise an announcement once plans are finalized.

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