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Toro Station Marathon: Part 6

A trip to the Nippon Budoukan takes Toro and Kuro to Japan's biggest games magazine


Their strange adventures with animals and... well, whatever that thing from Echochrome is supposed to be... all through, Toro and Kuro head off for the famous Nippon Budoukan. First, Kuro notes that It's getting dark.

They pass by Tokyo Dome City, the Imperial Palace, and other locations. Finally, they arrive outside Nippon Budoukan.

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As Toro gets ready to relax, Kuro reveals that that's not actually the goal. He keeps on running and ends up at...


And today's guest:

That's Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Enterbrain, which publishes Famitsu.

Hamamura congratulates the two as Kuro says he'd like to work hard in order to chase Famitsu. Kuro makes a jab about Toro Station being daily while Famitsu is only weekly. Toro does not appreciate this

The two ask Hamamura what's the trick to covering games like Famitsu does. Said Hamaura, it's getting people who don't understand games to understand.

Wondering how much Hamamura plays games for himself? In response to a question from Kuro, he admitted to having crossed the 400 play hour mark on Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. He's still playing FFX.

This made Kuro, to Toro's annoyance, comment that while he looks like an elite persion, he's really just some old guy who likes game.

Asked what type of game he likes, Hamamura said there's no single genre. He likes games that you play with other people. He also likes games that take new challenges.

Regarding the PS3, he said that he hopes it will become a little easier to purchase (that means cheaper). Toro said that if it becomes cheaper, he'd buy two, one himself and one for Kuro.

Finally, the two asked Hamamura for his autograph, then left for a 19:00 appointment in Ikebukuro.

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