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Professor Layton animated film set for 2010

Voice actors for Layton and Ruke reprising their roles for the big screen.


On the eve of the release of the third and final entry in the DS Professor Layton trilogy, Level-5 gathered the press in Tokyo to commemorate that game's completion, and to also share new details on a major tie-up product for the series.

That major tie-up is the previously-announced animated Layton film adaptation. Titled "Professor Layton The First Movie," the film is scheduled to open nationwide around New Years 2010. The movie will feature key cast members from the game, including Yo Oizumi as Layton and Maki Horikita as Ruke. Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is working on the scenario for what will be an all new story.

Back on the game side of things, Hino took the stage at the event and revealed that the first two Layton games have shipped a total of 1.75 million units in Japan alone. Adding initial shipments for the third game, due out tomorrow, the figure reaches 2.45 million

Overseas, the first game has shipped a total of 830,000 units. This includes North America, Europe, and Korea.

Hino and puzzle supervisor Akira Tago shared a few comments on tomorrow's sequel, who's name unofficially translates to Professor Layton and the Final Time Journey. Tago noted that all the puzzles are new this time around. Hino said that past entries in the series have been popular with girls. For part 3, Level-5 has adjusted the difficulty and added "Furigana" readings for kanji in order to make it appeal to children and adults alike.

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