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Does anyone actually play games like this?

Animal Crossing ads help me save on my power bill.


Have you seen Nintendo's retarded Animal Crossing ads? They feature cute little Kaho playing the game. Kaho is cute and all, but here are two spots that make me want to turn off my television whenever i see them.

[end_preview /]

What the hell is wrong with that girl!? In the first spot, she sounds like she's never heard of voice chat. Even more baffling is that she seems to be genuinely enjoying the fishing mini game. This is very hard to believe. No one ever enjoys fishing mini games! No one!

The second ad is even more ridiculous. As she enters the town, she looks shyly to the right saying, "I'm kinda nervous." And then, she's so shocked by the pricing that she exclaims "Wow expensive!" Does anyone actually play games like that?

In case you don't hate those two spots enough, here's one more to fuel your hate even further.

Here, she informs us that certain things are unchanged from the DS version. Yeah no shit!

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