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Latest Game Ads (仮)

I haven't thought of a clever column name yet...


I haven't thought of a clever headline for this periodic look at game print ads that I see in magazines and various other locations, but rather than making you wait, I've decided to go with the name "Latest Game Ads," followed by the Japanese word "仮" (Kari), which is something you'll see attached to a game name when the name has yet to be finalized... except for in the case of Banpresto's 2007 PS2 horror-mystery game "四八 (仮)" (Shijuu Hachi Kari), where the "Kari" is an actual part of the name!

We begin with Resident Evil 5:

Timed nicely with the release of the RE5 demo on Xbox Live, this multiplatform ad (you'll note the PS3 logo on the left and the Xbox 360 logo on the right) has main character Chris Redfield leaning kneeling at the grave of a certain person whose name I won't say (enlarge the ad to find out).

[end_preview /]

The text against the clouds on the left says "Is this world worth risking your life to protect?" Above the Biohazard 5 logo on the bottom right, the ad says something to the effect of "The starting point for fear goes to the high point of fear."

In the bottom left, above the bar code, the ad asks "Is this world protecting?" The answer is, of course, no, but Capcom is taking comments at the RE5 mobile site until January.

Next, more Capcom, with Tatsunoko VS Capcom:

Nice and colorful. The ad makes note of those obviously stupid mini-games Capcom has put together (seriously... taking pictures of Viewtiful Joe?), but, thankfully, makes no mention what-so-ever of the optional simplified control scheme.

The genre for the game, by the way, is listed as "Dream Tag Match Battle."

The next ad isn't exactly for a game:

Prior to Square Enix's Dissidia Final Fantasy campaign, Suntory is promoting the Dissidia Final Fantasy Potion beverage. Set for release on December 9, each 350ml can costs 200 yen. As you can see in the image, the series is split into two, with eight cans on the evil "Chaos" side and 8 on the good "Cosmos" side.

In a slight case of LOL, the text at the bottom left says "Recycle after Drinking." I bet half the sold cans get stored away in gaming goods collections unopened. I'll personally be adding all 16 cans to the growing food and beverage subcategory of my collection. This category also includes Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan noodles, Solid Snake Regain, and a Survival Kids Wii bottled-water carrying pouch... complete with the bottled water that I only half drank.

Finally, here are a bunch of additional ads that I did not deem important-enough to write about:

Oh what the hell... like I have anything better to do. From left to right, top to bottom, these are for:

Harvest Moon: Welcome to Wind Bazar
The text at the bottom says "My very own Bazar, where everyone gathers." To the right, the ad assures everyone that the game allows for love and marriage. In a Harvest Moon game? Get outta here!
Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road II
This is actually an ad promoting the recently announced early release for the game. There was a second page, but it was just a list of arcades where the game will be playable in advance.
Wind of Nostalgio
The ad does not make any mention of the fact that no one bought this game.
Genso Suikoden Tierkreis
I think the text at the top says "Who should you join with, who should you believe?"

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