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Sony offers Siren New Translation for download

Retail release available in whole form or as individual episodes.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan gave players today a new way to purchase Siren: New Translation. The remake of the original Siren, which until now has been available only as a retail Blu-ray disc, can, as of today, be purchased in direct download form at the PlayStation Store.

The download version comes in two forms. A 4,500 yen Full Pack includes all 12 episodes of the game. Alternatively, players can purchase a 1,500 yen bundle containing the first four episodes, with subsequent episodes costing 400 yen each. The latter option adds a 200 yen premium.

Siren New Translation screenshots distributed today by Sony Computer Entertainment.

This is the second time a download version of New Translation has been offered domestically. The game was originally released as a 5,500 yen download on July 13 prior to the July 24 retail release. That was a limited time offer.

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