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Nintendo dominates Media Create charts

DS and Wii software fill up charts as year end sales rush approaches.


Nintendo dominated Media Create's latest sales charts. For the period covering December 8 through December 14, the top ten had nothing but DS and Wii software. The two platforms also took up first and second on the hardware charts

Bandai Namco Games' Taiko Drum Master Wii, the first console Taiko game since a PS2 entry in 2006, was in top place for the week with 105,941 units sold following its release on December 11. The title sold 82.6% of its stock, with Media Create noting that production issues kept Bandai Namco from reaching requested supplies.

As far as past Taiko Drum Master games go, the Wii version appears to be off to a good start. 2007's Taiko Drum Master Ds Touch de Dokodon! sold 94,000 units in its first week. 2008's Taiko Drum Master DS 7 Island Adventure sold 56,000. These two went on to sell, respectively, 591,000 and 392,000 units.

Taiko Drum Master Wii shipped in a large, colorful box, bundled with a Taiko controller and sticks, all for 7,140 yen. Commercials depicted a family playing the game together.

Older titles dominated the top 10 as the holiday sales rush approaches. Animal Crossing (Nintendo, Wii) sold 97,677 units and has topped the 500,000 mark. Now in its second month of release, Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe (Nintendo, DS) sold 94,485 units and has crossed the 600,000 mark. Wagamama Fashion Girl's Mode sold 63,055 units. These were all improvements over last week -- most notably Wagamama, which sold nearly twice as many units.

Below these was a new comer, Konami's Penguin no Mondai: Legend of the Strongest Penguin. This penguin-themed DS title is an action game conversion of a popular Coro Coro Comics serialized manga. It sold 58,986 units in its first week.

Closing out the top ten were Professor Layton and the Final Time Journey (Level-5, DS) in sixth with 57,600 units, Pokemon Platinum (Pokemon, DS) in seventh with 57,510 units, Rhythm Heaven Gold (Nintendo, DS) in eighth with 45,244 units, Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii) in ninth with 43,015 units, and Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo, Wii) in tenth with 34,339 units.

Of these, Layton is closing in the the 500,000 mark and will likely cross it next week. Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii are closing in on, respectively, 3 million and 2 million and will likely cross the marks before the end of the year. Nintendo is currently airing commercials citing three million units (presumably shipped) for Wii Fit.

Debuting outside of the top ten this week were Play on the Wii Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (Nintendo, Wii) at 14, Tatsunoko VS Capcom Cross Generation of Heroes (Capcom, Wii) at 16, Chocobo and the Magic Picture Book: The Witch, the Girl, and the Five Heroes (Square Enix, DS) at 39, and Zwei!! (Nihon Falcom, PSP) at 47.

In hardware, all systems saw leaps over past weeks. DSi saw a burst to 173,693 units, up from last week's 126,648 units. Even the DS Lite surged, up to 31,120 units from last week's 12,096 units. Wii took second this week with 91,641 units, up from last week's 56,702 units. PSP also saw a jump to 71,540 units, up from last week's 54,782 units.

The other platforms had less pronounced increases. PS3 rose from 30,309 units last week to 33,688 units. Xbox 360 rose from 9,988 units to 11,797 units. PS2 rose from 5,743 units to 6,659 units.

Also notable this week is that the DS took the reins from the PSP as the top selling hardware for the year. The DS, including DS Lite and DSi sales, have sold 3,446,987 units, with PSP now trailing at 3,428,309 units.

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