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Gears of War 2 set for Japan

Microsoft VP confirms title for 2009 in newspaper interview.


Microsoft made first comment today on a Japanese release for Gears of War II.

In an interview in this morning's Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspaper, Microsoft vice president Don Mattrick said that a Japanese release for the title will take place some time in 2009.

Famitsu.com later followed up with comments from Microsoft Japan's public relations division confirming that the company is making preparations for a 2009 release and will be making a formal announcement in the future.

Although already released to strong sales overseas, prior to today, Microsoft had yet to make official comment on its Japanese plans for Gears of War 2. In contrast, with the original, Microsoft announced a Japanese release prior to the international release. For that title, the Japanese version shipping just a couple of months after the international version.

Outside of Gears of War, Mattrick discussed a number of general Xbox 360 issues with the paper. He said higher profitability is likely for the company's entertainment division this year. On plans for next generation machines, he said there was nothing to announce at present.

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