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Microsoft details Halo Wars bonus item and demo

Sample the new control scheme in early February.


Microsoft will be pushing the domestic release of Halo Wars with a variety of promotions. Today, the company shared details on a purchaser bonus item and a demo.

The bonus item is a download code for Fireball Warthog, a version of the Warthog vehicle featuring special paint. With its ability to traverse varied terrain and a powerful machine gun, players will this vehicle to be useful for reconnaissance.

The item will be handed to players at retail. Both pre-orderes and early buyers will get the the item.

Previously, Microsoft detailed a limited edition version of Halo Wars. The newly announced bonus item will be included both with the standard and limited edition versions. The limited edition includes an additional download code for a separate item.

The Fireball Warthog vehicle.

Ahead of the Halo Wars release, Microsoft will make available a free demo for the game offering players a chance to try out, among other things, the campaign mode's prologue area. This demo will be available the evening of February 5 to Gold Members.

Halo Wars is set for domestic release on Febraury 26.

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