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White Knight Chronicles gets download content

First free quest hits tomorrow.


Sony Computer Entertainment announced today the first piece of download content for White Knight Chronicles.

The Level-5 RPG will receive a free quest download on the 15th. Translated to English, the title of the quest is "What is the thing you are looking for." A multiplayer quest for the game's online "live part," players are asked to search a cave for an unspecified item that someone has dropped.

Players will find plenty of new content in this quest, including new monsters and new high rank equipment waiting to be collected. Example weapons include the Demon's Sword and the Demon's Staff.

To try this quest, players will need to be of guild rank 7 and up and level 36 and up.

Sony also said today that it has plans for constant White Knight downloads in the future.

This mysterious character requests that you find him an item as part of the first White Knight Chronicles download quest.
Players will find new monsters, and new weapons.
Designs for new armor. These will be distributed with future download quests.

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