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Final Fantasy soundtrack hits today

Soundtrack includes thirteen tracks from 2007 world tour.


Square Enix sent out notice today of the release of a new soundtrack for the Final Fantasy series.

The latest soundtrack for the popular RPG series is titled Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy. Included on the one-disc soundtrack are popular tracks from the 2007 Distant Worlds world tour. All tracks were performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Arnie Roth. The album was supervised by Final Fantasy musician Nobuo Uematsu.

Package art for the new soundtrack.

A total of 13 tracks are included on the disc:

  • Opening Bombing Mission (FFVII)
  • Liberi Fatali (FFVIII)
  • Aerith's Theme (FFVII)
  • Fisherman's Horizon (FFVII)
  • Don't Be Afraid (FFVIII)
  • Isho no Kioku from the Opening Theme: Distan Worlds (FFXI)
  • Medley 2002 (FF I ~ 3)
  • Theme of Love (FFIV)
  • Vamo' alla Flamenco (FFIV)
  • Love Grows (FFVI)
  • Opera Maria and Draco (FFVI)
  • Swing de Chocobo (FFVII)
  • One Winged Angel (FFVII)

Samples of all songs can be heard at the soundtrack's official website.

The soundtrack is available today at retail and also via iTunes and mora. Pricing is set at 3,000 yen.

This is the first orchestral arranged CD for the FF series in three years, Square Enix noted.

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