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.hack set for PSP

CyberConnect2 mystery project gets a little less mysterious.


Right on schedule, the countdown turned zero on CyberConnect2's mystery countdown site today. As leaked out earlier in the week, the new game was revealed to be a new PSP entry in the .hack series of action RPGs.

Titled .hack//Link, the new game is fully revealed in this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu, which describes it as being the final entry in the series. The magazine also suggests that this will be a grand finale of sorts, with over 100 characters from past entries joining in on the fight.

CyberConnect2 opened up two sites to coincide with the formal .hack//Link announcement.

A page off the .hack portal site shows off the main character and heroine. Beside the characters is text that translates roughly to "Fight The World in Unison," with the use of "unison" here appearing to indicate strong ties between allies.

The .hack portal site teaser.

Another special site off the CyberConnect2 home page shows silhouettes for characters who will presumably be appearing in the game. Beneath the characters is the phrase "The World -- Final Battle."

The CyberConnect2 teaser.

Available off the CyberConnect2 site is a short message from CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama and Link project leader Hiroto Niizato. The two comment on the meaning of the "Link" in the title. The word is used to indicate that the game connects episodes of the past .hack titles and also to mean the focus on ties between the characters in the story. This concept of "Link" is not just a theme, they say, but ties into the game.

Both sites list the game's release date as TBA. Bandai Namco will, as always, serve as publisher.

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