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SFIV tournament: Preliminary Round

Narrowing 128 players down to 8 takes a long time


How long does it take to narrow a field of 128 players down to 8? A pretty darn long time!

The SFIV Tournament festivities kicked off a couple of hours after the event doors opened with the selection of 16 same-day registrants who'd get to take part in combat alongside the 112 who'd won regional tournaments throughout Japan.

Following the selection of these lucky (?) players, the preliminary round kicked off with players splitting into 8 groups to determine the 8 finalists.

That's where things stand right now. Capcom has eight matches going on simultaneously, but this thing is going on forever!

Here are a few pics.

The drawing for same-day registration.

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The prizes for the tournament. Not shown here is the top prize -- a 360 with a copy of the game.
That's SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono in the middle.
The roll call.
The event hall is totally packed -- there aren't enough seats for everyone!
The tournament cabinets set up just like in an arcade, so you can't see your opponent.
There were eight matches going on at any time, but the giant screen could only show four of them simultaneously.
The freaking hot commentator.
The two commentators detail the proceedings.

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