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SFIV Tournament: Famitsu rules with Rose

Capcom pits Japan's magazine editors against one-another.


Just as it rules the Japanese game magazine scene, Famitsu also apparently rules at Street Fighter. An editor from Weekly Famitsu placed first in a press face-off that was held prior to the final round of Capcom's Street Fighter IV tournament.

Capcom invited seven magazine editors and one pro wrestler to take part in the short tournament. Unlike the real tournament, this event made use of the home version of the game, attached to those lovely Hori sticks of course.

Also different here is that the editors were assigned their characters. Capcom ended up showing off all the newcomer warriors as follows:

  • Gemaga: Gen
  • Game Japan: Seth
  • Famitsu Wave DVD: Sakura
  • Famitsu: Rose
  • Kikutaro: Gouken
  • V Jump: Cammy
  • Dengeki PlayStation: Fei Long
  • Famitsu Xbox 360: Dan

Kikutaro (Mitsunobu Kikuzawa) is the wrestler. He appeared in masked form, and apparently didn't like his Gouken losing to Cammy, as he kept on beating up on the V Jump editor.

The tournament flow chart.

[end_preview /]

The editors line up. But someone is missing...
It's Kikutaro!

You'll notice, in the above shots, that Kikutaro has a Famitsu jacket on. I'm not sure why exactly, but it may have something to do with Famitsu having the DVD rights to the event.

What is that tall white thing?

In this pic, you'll notice something a bit un-Japanesey about this tournament. That's right, Capcom used the Xbox 360 version of the game! I'll let you come up with your own theory on the reason, although you may want to keep in mind that the grand prize for the main tournament was an Xbox 360 Value Pack with the 360 version of SFIV.

The chart just before the final round. To the right, the Famitsu and V Jump editors face off.
The Famitsu guy is to the left here.

In the final round, V Jump's Cammy lost out to Famitsu's Rose. The Famitsu editor (I didn't catch his name) walked home with some Street Fighter IV goodies.

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