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Capcom weeded out 120 players in the preliminary rounds of the Street Fighter IV tournament, leaving just 8.

They were as follows, listed with region, arcade where they won their championship, and character:

  • Aruefu (Osaka, Sega World Fuse) as Sagat
  • Tokodoki Nukinkusu (Kanagawa, Taito Tilt Kawasaki) as Chun-Li
  • Vega Curry (Chiba, Game Chariot Roppouten) as Sagat
  • Riki (Saitama, Game Garage Omiyaten) as M. Bison
  • Aojiro Guile (Tochigi, Good Hill) as Balrog
  • Iyo (Tokyo, Adores Ueno) as Dhalsim
  • Kindebu (Aichi) as Rufus
  • Dashio (Chiba, Game Fuji Ichikawa) as Viper

(In the above, I've substituted the English names for Bison and Vega in order to avoid confusion).

Of these, all but Kindebu had won regional championships. Kindebu registered for the event today and was chosen to be one of the 16 same-day registrants.

The commentators take the stage with producer Yoshinori Ono (center).
The final eight.

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Fighting order was determined by a drawing.

Different from the preliminary rounds, the final battles were played one fight at a time, with the cabinets in the center of the stage and the action broadcast on the big screen.

Also different was the length of the fights. The preliminaries were best two out of three matches. The finals upped things to best two out of three games.

It all came down to a tough fight between Iyo's Dhalsim and Arefu's Sagat. While Arefu appeared to be coming back following initial dominance by Iyo, in the end, Iyo came out on top, making Dhalsim the winner of the first Street Fighter IV tournament.

Kindebu's Rufus took third, topping Riki's M.Bison.

(left) Final words before the start of the match. (right) The two finalists face off.
The audience watches the final matches. The place was packed with devoted SF fanatics.

As prizes for their devoted play, Iyo took home an Xbox 360 Value Pack and a copy of the Xbox 360 version of SFIV (to be shipped to him on launch day). Arefu and Kindebu got a Hori arcade stick and their choice of of the PS3 or Xbox 360 version of SFIV.

Chun-Li and Sakura showed up for the awards ceremony. Viper stood off to the side waiting to bring in the prizes.
The three champs take their rewards.
Plaques for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.
Ono choked up a bit as he delivered a final message.

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