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Street Fighter IV online details and more revealed at tournament

Dhalsim crowned king of first SFIV tournament.


While most of those in attendance at Sunday's Street Fighter IV National Tournament event in Shinagawa were presumably there to see some top notch brawling, Capcom also took the opportunity to provide an update on related Street Fighter products during a stage show that was held between the preliminary and final rounds of the tournament.

The home console version of Street Fighter IV got the brunt of the time as SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono shared new details on its online mode. The home versions will include an option called "Arcade Machi Uke." With this feature activated, the game will go online to search for worldwide opponents in the background as players combat the CPU during the normal arcade mode. When an opponent has been found, the player will see the familiar "New Challenger" message and will face the new live opponent on the spot.

Ono commented on the similar play experience this offers to the arcade, as players can return to the CPU matches when the live combat ends. As another benefit for this form of online play, he noted that it eliminates the time players would usually have to spend waiting for matching.

Ono (left) introduces the home versions of Street Fighter IV during a stage event.
SFIV's new online mode is meant to mimic the arcade experience.

In addition to this new gameplay feature, Ono discussed the new characters that have been added to the home version of the game. While no new characters or move information was revealed here, Capcom did stage a special mini tournament in which editors at eight popular magazines, including Famitsu, Dengeki, and Jump, were assigned one of the new characters and made to fight. A representative from Weekly Famitsu, making use of Rose, ended up defeating V Jump's Cammy.

While not exactly gameplay related, Ono also made mention of a collaboration being planned for SFIV. Capcom has teamed up with Kiwa Corporation to put a special Street Fighter IV-themed menu at Benitora Gyoza Bo and Wan Zhu Ji restaurants throughout the country. Four items, priced between 880 and 1,380 yen, will be available for a limited time starting February 12, with more items joining in March.

Capcom will be offering a Street Fighter-themed menu at two Chinese restaurant chains.

The stage event also touched upon another Street Fighter product for February, the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li movie. Chun-Li actress Kristin Kreuk delivered a video message in which she praised the Street Fighter storyline and noted that this is the 20th anniversary year for the franchise.

Ono made one major announcement for the movie. While not giving specifics, he revealed that an animated short focusing on the Sakura character, will be shown following the movie. This short will be limited to the theatrical release, he said.

Chun-Li actress Kristin Kreuk delivered an English video message at the tournament event.

As for the tournament itself, Iyo, who'd won a regional championship in Ueno, will go down as the winner of the first ever official Street Fighter IV tournament. Using Dhalsim, Iyo defeated Sagat as played by Vega Curry from neighboring Chiba. Kindebu, who'd come to the Tokyo tournament from Aichi Prefecture, took third place with Rufus.

The top prize for the tournament was an Xbox 360 Value Pack, a Hori fighting stick, and a copy of the 360 version of SFIV. Second and third place were offered their choice of either the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of the game and a Hori stick.

The final round of the tournament.
The victors pose at the SFIV tournament.

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