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Street Fighter IV to be promoted at Chinese restaurants

Special menu to be offered starting February.


As one of its surprise announcement at a Street Fighter IV tournament held on Sunday, Capcom shared first word on a promotional campaign it will be staging in collaboration with a couple of Chinese restaurants to help push the home versions of the arcade brawler.

As part of the campaign, Capcom will team up with two Kiwa Corporation restaurants for a special collaboration menu titled "Saikyou no Corabo Meshi" (roughly, "Strongest Collaborative Meal"). Benitora Gyoza Bo and Wan Zhu Ji, each with respectively 78 and 46 shops, will offer this Street Fighter IV-themed menu starting February 12.

The first menu for the collaboration will be available from February 12 to February 28. It will consist of the following four items: a "Dhalsim Mara Tantanmen" noodle dish (800 yen), a "Sakura Stamina-don" chicken and potato rice dish (980 yen), a Rufus simmered meat dish consisting of chicken, pork, and beef (1,380 yen), and a Chun-Li stir-fried chicken dish (880 yen).

Artwork for the special menu, shared today by Capcom.

Those who place an order for the collaborative items will get two special trading cards pulled at random from a selection of 30 cards. These cards have Street Fighter artwork and include a QR code which can be used to download exclusive ring tone voices.

Although details weren't revealed, Capcom also said that a second batch of dishes would be offered in March.

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