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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete dated

Blu-ray video arriving in April with PS3 and FFXIII demo bundles.


Square Enix shared a final release date today for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. Although previously announced for March, the Blu-ray release of the Final Fantasy VII spinoff movie is now set for April 16. Pricing for the standard version will be 4,900 yen.

For the PlayStation 3 platform, this is particularly big news due to the availability of two packages bundling a special PS3 system and a Final Fantasy XIII demo.

The PS3 bundle is called "Cloud Black 160 GB Special Spec + Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set." Priced at 49,980 yen, this bundle includes a copy of Advent Children, a black 160 gigabyte PS3 system with a special logo on the outside, and a copy of the FFXIII demo. This is the first time a 160 gigabyte PS3 model has been offered domestically.

The Advent Children standard edition box art to the left, and the special PS3 unit to the right.

For those who don't want the system, Square Enix will offer the Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set. This will bundle the Advent Children Complete Blu-ray disc with a copy of the FFXIII demo. Pricing for this is set at 5,900 yen.

The Advent Children disc itself will include 126 minutes of footage, Japanese subtitles, and English and Japanese voice overs. As bonus videos, the disc will include an OVA (original video animation), Advent Children Complete trailers, and more.

Images of Advent Children Complete, distributed today by Square Enix.

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