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Atelier Annie pushed back to March

Gust has trouble making figure comply with health standards.


Gust posted notice today at the Atelier Annie official site announcing a delay in the DS title's release. Originally set for a release in just a couple of weeks on January 29, the game now won't make it out until an unspecified point in March.

Different from most product delays, Gust gave a clear reason for this particular delay. According to the notice, the problem lies with the special character figure that's included in the game's limited edition Premium Box. Apparently, it was determined that some materials used in the figure would not comply with revised safety standards that were implemented by the Japanese government in October. For safety purposes, the company decided to redo the figure.

Specifics on the legal revision that affects the product can be found in a posting at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The text is in Japanese.

The delay affects both the standard and limited editions.

Older shots of Atelier Annie.

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