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Fonfun announces Detective Ryunosuke Doudou sequel

Mobile title being brought to DS with new scenarios.


Fonfun announced today a DS sequel to Detective Ryunosuke Doudou Journal. This followup to the December 2008 DS adventure game will carry the full name of Detective Ryunosuke Doudou Journal: Aen no Hakobune Somatei Serial Murder Incident.

Box art and artwork for the Aen no Hakobune.

The second entry in the Detective Ryunosuke Doudou Journal series, Aen no Hakobune was originally released for cell phones. For the DS, the visuals have been redone, and two scenarios have been added as bonuses for those who clear the game.

A release is planned for March 26, with pricing set at 3,990 yen.

Fonfun opened up a teaser site for the title today.

Main gameplay screens. Players work their way towards different endings by making choices during dialogue sequences.
Screenshots of Aen no Hakobune, distributed today by Fonfun.

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