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Nintendo updates release calendar

Metroid Prime, Picross and more get a final date.


Nintendo updated its release calendar today, adding in the month of March and offering a few previously undisclosed dates.

New revelations include a release date for the next Play on the Wii Game following Mario Tennis GC. The Wiimake of the original Metroid Prime title will arrive on February 19.

Late last week, Gpara.com shared this date, and also listed a March time frame for Pikmin 2. The Nintendo calendar does not have the Pikmin 2 date. Both titles will, according to Gpara, be priced at 3,800 yen.

The Nintendo calendar also shares a final date of March 12 for Rittai Picross. Little has been revealed on this puzzler following its announcement in October 2008. The title promises to offer a similar experience to the popular Picross puzzle game, but with an added dimension.

Other notable updates include Umihara Kawase Shun Second Edition (Genterprise, DS) at March 26 and We Cheer (Bandai Namco, Wii) at March 12. Atelier Annie is listed at March, reflecting today's announcement by Gust that the title won't make its January 29 date due to issues involving the limited edition.

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