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DS star navigation software detailed

New app includes positional sensor to keep aligned with the sky.


Astroarts has opened up an official website for Hoshizora Navi (unofficially, "Sky Navigator"), a new DS app that promises to provide its users with a complete reference for star gazing.

First announced late last year, Hoshizora Navi comes with a positional sensor built into its cartridge. Using this sensor, the software can detect how you move the DS system around and update its on-screen star charts to match your current view of the sky. The software can also tell you where to turn in order to see items that you point to using the stylus.

Here are some of the title's features, as detailed at the official site:

  • The star chart shows 9,300 stars of up to magnitude 6.3. It also shows the sun, moon, planets, and constellations, and some meteor groups.
  • The star chart can be made to show lines of latitude, longitude, the equator, and the ecliptic
  • Includes 170 astronomical phenomena that can be replicated on the star chart
  • Users can select a date from between 1900 and 2099 to get the appropriate star chart.
  • Can zoom in and out to show between 3 and 160 degrees
  • Can select a viewing location from throughout the world
  • Includes an astronomical dictionary with over 400 terms
  • Can adjust screen brightness

Hoshizora Navi will be published by ASCII Media Works on March 26. Pricing is set at 8,190 yen.

See the official site for screens and an animation showing the product in use.

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