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Sega details AOU 2009 lineup

Block Pipo to introduce new block-based control scheme.

Official poster for the AOU 2009 show.

The annual AOU Amusement Expo is being held towards the end of February this year, and Sega will, expectedly, be showing off its latest product. The company opened up an official show website yesterday sharing some of its plans.

The Sega booth will be located near the entrance of the Makuhari Messe's fourth hall. The company's slogan this year is "Yappa Sega," (unofficially translates to "Of course it's Sega"). Based off the event map at the Sega site, Sega's booth appears to be the largest booth this year, outside of the Prize Fair booth.

Sega will be showing its usual mixed lineup of video games, medal games, prize machines and kids titles. Video games include the following:

World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2007-2008
The latest in Sega's deluxe arcade soccer simulation where players use cards to position players on the field. A release is set for February.
Virtua Fighter 5R
This update to Virtua Fighter 5 is already out in arcades.
Network Taisen Quiz Answer X Answer 2
Sega's followup to its popular Answer X Answer quiz game is already available for play in arcades.
Block Pipo
This original title does away with joy sticks and controllers. Players use blocks to guide on-screen characters. The title supports singe and cooperative play along with competitive play through two units. A release is set for Summer.
Screenshots of Block Pipo.

Medal games include Puyo Puyo! the Medal Edition, a medal game based off the Puyo Puyo series that's set for April 2009 release.

Screenshots of Puyo Puyo! The Medal

AOU will be held this year on the 20th and 21st from 10:00 to 17:00. The showing on the 20th is invite and press only. On the 21st, the show opens to the public. Pricing and directions can be found at the AOU 2009 Amusement Expo official site.

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