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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time gets a soundtrack

Set of 51 tracks includes two newly arranged tracks.

The Echoes of Time soundtrack CD.

Square Enix followed up on today's release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time with the announcement of a soundtrack for the game. The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time Original Soundtrack will be released on February 18, priced at 2,800 yen.

Included on the two disc soundtrack are 51 tracks. Joining the full collection of in-game background music are two original and arranged tracks prepared just for the CD: Seijin no Gi Remix and Play Riddles Iseki Remix. The CD lists all music as being composed and produced by Kumi Tanioka.

As usual for Square Enix CD releases, the retail release will be accompanied by downloadable versions of all tracks on iTunes and mora. Square Enix also plans on distributing the music through the Chaku-uta Full service.

Those wanting a preview of the CD can get a sampling of six songs right now at the CD's official product page. A full Japanese-language track list can also be found there.

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