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Square Enix details PC Last Remnant

PC version of multiplatform RPG hitting in April; benchmark program available today.


Square Enix has at long last started to share details on the PC version of Last Remnant, its multiplatform RPG that saw worldwide release first on the Xbox 360 late last year.

PC players can look forward to a number of improvements, on top of the expected bump in resolution that tends to accompany PC ports. As detailed by Square Enix, improvements include the following:

High speed battle option
This new option allows players to speed up battle, potentially addressing some complaints about the length of some of the PC version's battles.
Elimination of limitations on leader units
In the 360 version, players could only take six unique leaders onto the battle field. The PC version has no such limit.
Equipment Preview
Players can now get an advanced look at equipment when in the game's status screen or when in a shop
Language Option
The PC release will include a voice option for either Japanese or English. Text will be selectable between a number of different languages.
Screenshots from the PC version of Last Remnant.

The PC version will arrive on April 9, priced at 8,190 yen. A demo will be made available prior to the final release.

Square Enix made available today a benchmark program to let players check if their system has the horse power to run Last Remnant. The program can be downloaded from the Last Remnant official site.

Screens from the Last Remnant benchmark program.

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